Center Parcs For many of us, the thought of water parks makes us go all gooey-eyed, remembering childhood birthdays spent whizzing down water slides, floating about on donut rings, and bobbing up and down with the help of wave machines. Ravenous afterwards, if you were lucky your parents might allow you a luminous slushie and a portion of salty chips. Childhood may unfortunately be behind us but water parks are not just for children. Here is our selection of some of the best aquatic fun you can have in the UK. New Forest Water Park Along with the standard inflatables, this mammoth outdoor water park boasts two trampolines, monkey bars, flippers, slides, hurdles, rockers, rollers, an overhanging climbing wall, a swing, and a giant iceberg! Advertisement Perfect for some silly fun with friends. Splashdown Quay West, Devon Picture:

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By the figure had reached 34, Council projections for estimated a population of 42, , [12] the actual figure was 43, The census revealed this figure to also have been exceeded, [1] the census also predicts, using a trend-based projection, by , a total mid-year population of 49,

Mr Tuck, in addition, gave talks on Wiltshire history and nature study; he also served as town councillor and was Mayor of Chippenham from to

Driving Routes Great British Drives: Your focal point is The Kings Hotel, a handsome building offering not just stylishly appointed rooms but a highly civilised dining room boasting modern works of art and beautifully prepared food. We begin in that perfect high street where instead of taking the more obvious route, you turn left out of the hotel and follow the quieter B then the B to Willersey and Broadway. Retrace your route to the top of the high street, turn left and then right at the roundabout onto the A44 and, if you are riding a motorcycle, as I was, take a deep breath.

This seemingly vertical stretch of road has some of the best bends going but take care: William Morris said Bibury was “the most beautiful village in the Cotswolds” Now to ride back through time. Regain your breath in the National Trust garden tea room and, if necessary, retrieve your crash helmet from the cupboard under the stairs they like bikers at Snowshill. Then, at one of the first buildings you see on the right, drop in for a flying tour of the Wellington Aviation Museum.

This delightfully compact and eccentric collection belongs to the year-old, former RAF mechanic Gerry Tyack. Rejoin the A to Stow-on-the-Wold, turn left at Sheep Street and, parking near Tourist Information, stroll the few feet to the Cotswold Cricket Museum to peruse caps, bats, balls and memorabilia.

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History of Technology Heroes and Villains – A little light reading Here you will find a brief history of technology. Initially inspired by the development of batteries, it covers technology in general and includes some interesting little known, or long forgotten, facts as well as a few myths about the development of technology, the science behind it, the context in which it occurred and the deeds of the many personalities, eccentrics and charlatans involved.

You may find the Search Engine , the Technology Timeline or the Hall of Fame quicker if you are looking for something or somebody in particular. Scroll down and see what treasures you can discover. Background We think of a battery today as a source of portable power, but it is no exaggeration to say that the battery is one of the most important inventions in the history of mankind.

This brings the total to some , records.

New Directions This brief history is a bringing together of maps from many internet sources. The magnifying glass icons lead to enlargements for detailed study. For more information on a particular map, an image search on the name will reveal my original source pages which existed in December When did maps first appear in England? The earliest maps produced in England were the religious world maps or in Latin mappa mundi.

Probably one of the most famous is the Mappa Mundi which is displayed in Hereford Cathedral and was drawn around AD on vellum a single calfskin. It was intended to include all known places but also to be instructional and include historical information so the shape of the land is more artistic than realistic. It is centered on the city of Jerusalem as the religious heart of the known world, east is to the top and the British Isles are tucked down on the bottom left of the map see enlarged picture.

The green button links to a traced copy with the names printed and easier to read, dating from around


By the figure had reached 34, Council projections for estimated a population of 42, , [12] the actual figure was 43, The census revealed this figure to also have been exceeded, [1] the census also predicts, using a trend-based projection, by , a total mid-year population of 49, An alternative theory suggests that the name is derived from the Anglo-Saxon word ceap, meaning market.

With the newest additions, FindMyPast now has over , Kent baptism records and over , burial records.

Usually on the front engine mounting lug. The oil in frame B- series are stamped on the prop stand bracket. Engine markings Engine numbers are easier to find usually by the crankcase mouth on the primary side. Exceptions are the Bantams which could be stamped on the front mounting point or just behind the crankcase mouth. This is just a guide and will fit most situations but frames were legitimately re- stamped by dealers if the original was damaged and a replacement fitted.

These could be stamped anywhere and often were not stamped at all! Identifying engine and frame numbers, season onwards. Owners with late model BSA’s can easily identify the month and year of their machine as the factory adopted a dating system for frame and engine numbers for the season models. As with all previous BSA seasons the model year started after the factory shutdown in July so that models were those made from August , through to July

How to survive a parachute failure

Need help managing your finances? Find an independent adviser The review will centre on pension, endowment, investment bond and life insurance policies sold between and Many of the products were sold by doorstep salesmen working on commission, and concerns have grown that loyal policyholders sold the products are not being given the same priority or levels of service as new customers. In some cases people’s investments were left to stagnate in so-called ‘zombie investments’ that were closed to new customers and performed poorly.

Despite initial suggestions from Mr Adamson that the review could result in a retrospective ban on punitive charges levied on policyholders who switch providers or leave altogether, the FCA has since said exit fees will not be removed, provided they complied with financial laws when the policies were sold.

Four times it was devastated by fire, accidental or deliberate, during wars and riots and historians disagree about who were the major culprits, their motives and the extent of the damage in each case.

Charles was also given a tour of the distillery itself where he could be seen admiring the machinery used to produce the spirits. The Prince of Wales could be seen sampling the bespoke gin and vodka produced on the Ramsbury Estate The royal was also given a tour of the distillery where he could be seen admiring the machinery used to produce the spirits Following his boozy morning Charles headed to a local school where he met pupils who came out in their droves to welcome the royal.

The school children could be seen waving Union Jacks in preparation of Charles’ arrival much to the prince’s amusement. Charles could be seen getting stuck in with gardening project being undertaken by the school children. The prince later attended a reception for the estate’s tenants where he may be able to enjoy yet another tipple as it was held at The Bell pub.

Following his boozy morning Charles headed to a local school where he met pupils who came out in their droves to welcome the royal The lines of children could be seen clutching Union Jacks much to the royal’s amusement Elsewhere, Charles’s youngest Prince Harry has announced the date of his wedding to Meghan Markle. Football fans are bemused because they have chosen to walk down the aisle on FA Cup Final day even though Harry’s best man Prince William is FA President and usually presents its famous trophy to the winners.

But crucially May 19 ensures that their wedding will not overshadow the birth of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s third child in April and allow her the time to recover. Charles could be seen getting stuck in with gardening project being undertaken by the school children The children were all keen to show their gardening creations off to the prince Share or comment on this article.

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Tweet Below is a list and description of the most recent genealogy records for England and Wales see list of most recent records for other countries. Many of these records can be searched using our free Genealogy Search Engine. It is packed with useful information for anyone tracing their English ancestors.

Also, this collection is not yet indexed by name, making it a slow process to go through the wills.

These are external links and will open in a new window Close share panel Image copyright Getty Images Former army fitness instructor Emile Cilliers has been convicted of trying to murder his wife, Victoria, by tampering with her parachute. She survived a 4, ft fall. But how can a human being do this? The ground’s getting nearer fast.

You pull the cord to open your parachute. Your body’s still hurtling towards Earth with only drag – air friction – to slow it down. So you try the emergency back-up parachute – and, once again, it fails. The moments between this happening and the skydiver’s body hitting the ground – or water – are usually their last. But not for Victoria Cilliers. The 4, ft 1, m fall caused by her husband tampering with her parachute resulted in several broken bones, but not death. Image copyright other Image caption Victoria Cilliers had the good fortune to land in a ploughed field Hers is far from being the greatest height from which someone has dropped and survived.

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Recent radiocarbon dating has found it to date from about BC. Legend has it that the Mound is the burial site of Merlin [5] and that the name of the town, Marlborough comes from Merlin’s Barrow. On John Speed ‘s map of Wiltshire , the town’s name is recorded as Marlinges boroe. The town’s motto is Ubi nunc sapientis ossa Merlini “Where now are the bones of wise Merlin”.

More plausibly, the town’s name probably derives from the medieval term for chalky ground “marl” — thus “town on chalk”.

In this manner Euclid started with a small set of self evident axioms and postulates and used them to produce deductive proofs of many other new propositions and geometric theorems.

I really want to try and keep the links limited to classic bikes as that is what we are all here for. General Classic Bike Links: Reproduction literature, memorabilia and other classic bike stuff http: You MUST check this site out! Includes animations showing the workings of all types of internal combustion and steam engines. Give it a try! Info on the Birmingham factories and lots more. Learn stuff you never knew before! Really worth a visit.

Lots of technical info and a very knowledgeable and enthusiastic forum. Easy to read and some great photos.. Loads of great pictures. I liked it a lot!

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A circle is bisected by any diameter.

Hopefully you’re still off and preparing to set off for a fun day somewhere, whether you’re entertaining relatives or visiting one of Somerset’s many attractions with friends. If you are having to brave the roads today December 27 , for work or play, we are here to keep you up to speed with what’s going on. We’ll also provide you with the latest weather forecast so you can make plans if you’re travelling later in the day – there’s a weather warning in place for many places and there could even be snow.

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