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Take me straight to the Auctions! The Accutron watch was developed by Bulova and the whole design of the watch is a marked departure from the traditional use of a balance wheel and hairspring as is normally the case. The replacement mechanism is in fact a tuning fork arrangement, which makes the watch somewhat unique and gives it qualities of accuracy not known with traditional movements.

Although still needing lubrication for accurate timekeeping, these watches needs far less than normal. Also being less affected by temperature and the effects of gravity, the Accutron is largely immune to these influences that affect time keeping. The heart of an Accutron watch is the tuning fork mechanism, which vibrates at a rate between and times per second.

For example, a s style watch with an arrow symbol on the movement dates the movement to

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Poljot chronograph Casio AE12 LCA liquid-crystal-analog watch Traditionally, watches have displayed the time in analog form, with a numbered dial upon which are mounted at least a rotating hour hand and a longer, rotating minute hand. Many watches also incorporate a third hand that shows the current second of the current minute. Watches powered by quartz usually have a second hand that snaps every second to the next marker.

A truly gliding second hand is achieved with the tri-synchro regulator of Spring Drive watches. All of the hands are normally mechanical, physically rotating on the dial, although a few watches have been produced with “hands” that are simulated by a liquid-crystal display. Analog display of the time is nearly universal in watches sold as jewelry or collectibles, and in these watches, the range of different styles of hands, numbers, and other aspects of the analog dial is very broad.

Unlike mechanical watches, it has a vibrating tuning fork as its timekeeping element.

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We can’t count how many watch guys we know who own diving timepieces without ever doing more than taking a plunge in the local lake during the summer. Admittedly, the diving watch is one of the most popular watch types in the world, made so by watches like the iconic Rolex Submariner. But you’re not Sean Connery in Goldfinger, and you have zero plans to get your scuba diving certification — but you still want that diving watch look without any pressure to commit to wearing a wetsuit.

If you’re not familiar with the Accutron II line within the Bulova brand, it all started in with the Accutron tuning fork movement technology that earned a Railroad Certification due to the watches’ impressive accuracy as compared to mechanical automatic timepieces. Accutron’s technology was considered so ahead of its time that the U.

Bulova is still making excellent mid-priced watches today.

We provide a complete vintage Bulova watch restoration service here at vintagebulova. Your vintage Bulova watch is completely disassembled. The case is cleaned and then polished to a high sheen. The dial is professionally restored. The crystal is polished or a new crystal is fitted. The movement is completely disassembled and cleaned in several ultrasonic baths. It is lubricated using only the finest Swiss oils and grease. It is then timed to assure optimal accuracy.

A new leather band is fitted. Before and After Photos. Have a look at the before and after photos below. As you can see this vintage Bulova watch was in sad shape when it arrived here.

Bulova Watch Repairs and Restoration

You should purchase a Bulova watch with care. The popularity of Bulova watches has resulted in fake watches made with the name Bulova. If you have a Bulova watch that may be a valuable vintage watch, you should verify its authenticity before attempting to sell or auction the watch. Look in the telephone yellow pages for a Bulova watch dealer or jeweler who deals in Bulova watches.

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When it first came out in , this Bulova watch was all kinds of cool. Unlike mechanical watches, it has a vibrating tuning fork as its timekeeping element. This Hz fork gets its power from a transistor circuit, which makes Bulova’s unique timepiece the first electronic watch. To show buyers the magic behind the humming watches, Bulova removed the faces of store models to reveal the movement underneath.

There was an unexpected explosion of demand for these display versions and Bulova christened them Accutron Spaceview watches. Yet another special feature of the watch is the location of its setting stem and crown at the back in the models. Some of the Accutron watches have their setting stems and crowns at the 4 o’clock, rather than the traditional 3 o’clock position.

The most popular watch in this line is the Astronaut which bears Buzz Aldrin’s autograph. Bulova may no longer sell humming Accutron watches or Buzz’s limited edition, but you can still find these rare watches among the wide selection of vintage timepieces on eBay.

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Watches were produced using the “etablissage” method, where individual tradesman working out of small studios or their homes would produce parts or sub-assemblies which were then assembled and sold under the auspices of a single brand. In the ‘s, Agassiz passed control of his company to his nephew, Ernest Francillon.

Francillon wanted to modernize the production of watches and believed that bringing all the final assembly and finish operations together into one factory would be a more efficient method of production. To accomplish this, Francillon built a factory on a piece of land known as “Les Longines” and the Longines brand was born. This method of production proved to be very successful, and by the early ‘s the Longines factory employed over people and had achieved worldwide distrubution and success with its products.

The Longines “Winged Hourglass” actually a winged clepsydra for those who care about such things is the oldest registered trademark for a watch company, having been registered in

We pretend it’s not there, but it defines the modern world of watchmaking.

Little did anyone know at the time that this tiny fledgling enterprise was to grow into an empire that would irrevocably change the world of time and one day help put a man on the moon. At that time, accurate clocks had already been built for many years. Said to have been the original idea of Galileo Galilei in , but first built in practice by Christiaan Huygens, in , pendulum clocks could already keep time to within a tenth of a second a day. With the advent of the mainspring, to replace the weights that had traditionally powered these early pendulum clocks, Huygens also invented the spiral balance spring, still found in mechanical clocks and watches to this day.

Like the swing of a pendulum, the coiling and uncoiling of this spiral balance spring had a natural periodicity that regulated the unwinding of the mainspring. This new mechanism was able to replace the pendulum and make the clock more compact and portable. By , John Harrison, a self-taught clock maker, had produced a self-contained spring and balance wheel marine chronometer, fully portable and accurate to within a fifth of a second per day. By , Joseph Bulova had set up a manufacturing business to build and sell high quality boudoir clocks, table clocks and pocket watches.

The business expanded rapidly as news of these fine timepieces spread across the American marketplace.

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If youre new to tuning fork movements, they were some of the earliest electronic watch movements, produced from until the late s. Theyre notable in that they make a low humming sound, and have a completely smooth sweeping second hand its mesmerizing. This watch contains the ESA tuning fork movement. This is arguably the best tuning fork movement ever designed, and incorporates a number of improvements over the earlier Bulova designs in terms of accuracy, reliability, and serviceability.

Geometric shapes are the most valuable, but since the domed construction extends well above the watch face, the special crystals are frequently damaged and scratched.

Looking for small men’s watches? Sick of oversized, bulky watches that look way too big for your wrists? You’re in the right place! When you wear a watch that’s too big for your wrist, it makes your hands and arms look smaller and weaker than they really are, and let’s face it: The key is to wear watches that fit your build. They should be proportionate to your wrist — not too big, thick or bulky.

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These pieces are sold in unprecedented numbers. In Bulova introduces the first full line of men’s jeweled wristwatches. Bulova perfects a new concept in the watch industry with total standardization of parts. Every part of a Bulova watch is made with such precision standardized to the ten thousandth part of an inch that it is interchangeable with the same part in any other Bulova watch.

This revolutionizes the servicing of watches in the industry.

That year the company completed the development of the Model movement.

Those symbols, and the year s to which they correspond, are shown below. The decade must be determined by the style of the case, dial, and hands. For example, a s style watch with an arrow symbol on the movement dates the movement to Movements dating prior to approx. Thus, the presence or absence of a movement serial number, in conjunction with the date symbol on the movement, also helps narrow down the date. Occassionally, a movement will not have a date code, and movement codes are not seen prior to In such cases, other factors and information must be used to determine the date.

For more information, see Dating a Bulova. A9 is also a valid symbol for and has been seen numerous times on both movements and the back of cases. A8 is also a valid symbol for and has been seen on watch movements. Pre Cases From through in most cases , the year of the case can be determined from the first digit of the case serial number. For example, a s style case, etc. Prior to , the use of case serial numbers was inconsistent, with many early model serial numbers beginning with “1” or “2” regardless of the date of manufacture.

Dating Bulova watches that appear to pre-date is far more complicated and uncertain.

Repair: Bulova Accutron

No turning fork cups and replaced with single coil Considered a ladies’ watch As you can see, there are many different models and sub-models. The and series watches are the only two ladies’ watches ever sold by Accutron. However, these watches are currently not as collectible as the men’s watches.

At some time, the original 17 jewel manual wind movement has been replaced with a newer 31 jewel automatic which fits perfectly.

Time measurement, after all, is something of an arbitrary construct. The seconds, minutes and hours we use to track duration are basically agreed-upon standards that humankind has employed to represent our march from the past into the future. Existence would not stop if we chose to stop tracking time in such a precise matter — we could function just fine if our main time measurement consisted of sunrise, sunset and the position of the sun in between.

A deep dive into the nature of time digs into such sticky wickets as multidimensionality, time travel and the nature of the universe. But for those of us inclined toward more concrete discussions, timepieces offer a more manageable topic [source: Somewhere along the line, our ancestors decided that it was useful to track measured units of time. It may have been a pre-Egyptian noble or scholar who first noticed the steady march of shadows on a sunny day, but sundials — the earliest timepieces — have been recovered from archeological sites dating back to B.

Modern watches and clocks work using principles that first came into widespread use in the middle of the 17th century: A resonator, which is a device such as a pendulum, spring-driven flywheel or electrified quartz crystal, oscillates, which means it vibrates or swings back and forth at a consistent, measurable rate. A timepiece will use gears, cams, electric circuits or a combination thereof to translate that oscillation into the measured movement of the clock’s hands or a digital readout of the time [sources: Gascoigne , DiFranco ].

For example, a grandfather clock may have a pendulum designed to swing from one side to the other every second. That motion momentarily releases a spring in the clock’s mechanism, allowing the second, minute and hour hands to progress by their respective distances around the clock face.

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