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But one group based all over the UK is hoping to add to the mix and is targeting communities in Swansea. ParkLives is an initiative from Coca-Cola Great Britain run in partnership with local councils and offers thousands of fun, free activities in local parks, encouraging people to enjoy the green spaces in their local community. He also runs a session especially designed for the older generation. Fitness is just a bi-product of it. Part of the warm up is to walk along the railings around the outside of the play park. ParkLives parkour in Parc William, Loughor It may seem quite daunting, but each participant is paired up for safety. One of the first things you will learn when taking part in parkour is how to land safely. The second anyone feels a wobble, their hands go straight down to feet level to allow them to jump down steadily.

In Somerville, parkour growing by leaps and bounds

As a company Feiyue have recognised the similarities between martial arts and parkour as a discipline and believe they have value to bring to the parkour community. The success of Feiyue has been based on design simplicity, functionality and feel. It is for this reason that in recent times Feiyue has been adopted by many traceurs as the preferred choice. According to Chinese traditions, Feiyue symbolizes the dual elevation of both body and mind. Participants of parkour have found a true way to express themselves, combining discipline with artistic input.

This is something that Feiyue always supports!

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About Parkour Parkour is the original, most powerful Parkour based plugin available! First released in November , and has been updated since. Parkour is now open source, and includes a large list of fun features. Add a whole new element of fun to any server, highly competitive gameplay with rewards and leaderboards. Parkour is incredibly configurable and will work with any type of server. Features Incredibly powerful and customizable plugin Create unlimited courses, with unlimited checkpoints Setup is easy, will work with any server Simple commands, each with their own help section Fun and customisable Parkour Blocks Full sign integration Easy to understand and advanced configuration Leaderboards to store time and deaths Friendly and helpful creator Will always support existing versions Been supported and updated since July !

Video Tutorial Other Information Auto-updater This plugin has a built-in auto-updater, which connects to BukkitDev to check for updates. If you wish to disable this process, you can do so by setting ‘Other. UpdateCheck’ to false in the config.

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She ran, jumped and missed the opposite building, falling 17 storeys to her death. The men then fled the scene. It happened at apartment building No. It is unclear why the girl did not start the lesson from a smaller height as most parkour practitioners would suggest.

I could not be happier after discovering Vimbly.

BUT quantum computers will one day become instrumental in the further development of these robots. If you can install a miniaturized quantum computer in one of these machines, then it will open a whole new world of possibilities. Could a quantum computer be scaled down to the size of a phone, or something vaguely portable at some point? That is not out of the question. There are ways to package it so that it can actually become portable and potentially can be miniaturized enough maybe not to the point of a mobile phone, but perhaps a desktop computer.

But that cannot be done right now. Over the last five to 10 years, most people assumed that the developments have been very futuristic. They assumed that it will take a long time before we create any useful quantum machines. I think that this is just not the case. But I also feel that very soon we will start discovering what quantum computers can be useful for in a much broader scope, ranging from optimization to artificial intelligence and machine learning.

I think these things are around the corner.

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James Moore, a previous member of Team Kinetix Image: Brad Wendes; Team Kinetix Get Daily updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingSee our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email A new training centre dedicated to parkour and freerunning is planning to open in Witham. Team Kinetix, a parkour training company, has applied for planning permission to transform a sq ft building into a new parkour centre.

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Within the next few months, it is set to be officially recognised as a sport in the UK, and yet elsewhere in the world — including France where it was created — it remains a fringe activity. By creating performance-parkour — appropriately acronymed 2PK — British company the Urban Playground Team are at the forefront of giving the discipline respectability overseas. Besides making a case on the world stage for official recognition for this seriously physical genre, the company is also enviably busy.

Parkour performance Run This Town. It divides between performance and teaching, and we are also partnered in an EU project with opera, circus, diversity and various countries such as Bosnia, as well as touring for the British Council. Given how new 2PK is as a form, it has been necessary for us to develop a network of support at the same time as pushing our own work. Urban Playground Team Artistic directors: Two full-time, four freelance Shows in repertory: The idea is to support the development of the performance-parkour community internationally and provide a space to share resources and opportunities.

At the moment, the main global impetus comes from the Brits and not from France.

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What if it meant creative, individual expression through acrobatic moves like leaping from walls and over gaps, ground rolls and precision jumping? Instead of running laps around the community park, you’d navigate through the city, making the urban landscape your personal obstacle course, a playground for strength, freedom, courage and discipline. That’s the basic idea of parkour. And it can be just as exciting and glamorous as it sounds, especially when performed by professionals.

But its practitioners, called traceurs males and traceuses females , because of its French origin, see parkour as much more than that. In this article we’ll take a closer look at what parkour is, the philosophy behind it, how it got started and where it’s going in the future.

People will always assume you just got finished doing a particularly difficult exercise.

Boston Dynamics calls the centimetre 5ft 9in robot weighing 75 kilograms “the world’s most dynamic humanoid”. The Atlas robot has gone through progressive evolutions, from walking to running, to jumping and doing backflips , but as you can see in the footage, it is now fully poised to chase you as you run for your life. The humanoid robot managed to navigate the multi-tiered obstacle course with ease. It shifted its weight to leap over a log and then in three fluid movements made its way up a three-tiered platform at speed.

The company said Atlas “uses the whole body including legs, arms and torso, to marshal the energy and strength for jumping over the log and leaping up the steps without breaking its pace”. The US-based firm said its mission was to “build the most advanced robots on Earth, with remarkable mobility, agility, dexterity and speed” — and has released videos in the past of their various other robot models showcasing new skills. In December last year the company released footage of Atlas’ ability to balance, jump, and even do a backflip.

Going even further back, Boston Dynamics showed off Sand Flea, a robot with four wheels that could jump to a height of 10 metres, and Big Dog, a four-legged robot similar to SpotMini that is built to travel across rugged terrain, including mud, snow and water — albeit not very gracefully.

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It was my best attempt at facing my phobia head on. My phobia also seemed to go beyond just a fear of falling. I constantly worried about getting physically injured in general. I began to think of my life kind of like a video game: So in a very literal sense, I avoided the world. Other common phobias include a fear of being on airplanes; fear of choking; or a fear of a type of insect, like spiders.

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Messenger Parkour, as we know it today, stems from the activities of nine young Parisian men. But that was at the turn of the 21st century. Now, parkour is a global phenomenon, with traceurs — those who practice parkour — running, jumping, climbing and rolling their way through cities around the world, and in places such as Gaza. Appearances in Hollywood films and TV documentaries have boosted the profile of parkour, impressed millions with its grace and dynamism and given rise to a global movement of like-minded people, all wanting to learn how to move in these incredible ways.

In just over a decade, it has gone from a niche activity — which many city officials regarded as anti-social — to an internationally recognised not to mention, highly lucrative sport. Playful politics Of course, parkour has always contained a political element. But in fact, the people who practice parkour are engaging in urban politics in a very playful way.

This sport actively encourages people to see the city as a playground. Jumping over bollards, climbing up walls or rolling over concrete roofs; these spectacular movements show what the human body is capable of — but they also highlight how the city can be navigated in very different ways. The freedom to move that parkour enables was, and still is, a fundamental part of its philosophy.

Parkour is very much a reaction to the increased restriction of movement in modern cities: But for all this, parkour is no less politically potent: While most of the videos and images of parkour focus on individuals, traceurs actually train and practice together in groups.

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