Katy Perry Has the Most Perfect Response to Those Ryan Phillippe Dating Rumors

There is a rumor of full sex tape porn videos starring Katy Perry and Russell Brand floating around the celebrity gossip arena! Supposedly Katy Perry and her ex-husband well known actor Russell Brand had made some xxx home videos towards the end of right after they had started dating seriously. According to a verified close acquaintance of the two there has been a bit of nervousness lately over a missing you guessed it cell phone. If we can confirm this as being the absolute truth and if the videos become available to the public, you could then say good by to Kim Kardashians 1 record for most downloaded sex tape of all time. Without a doubt Katy would at least double Kims download numbers probably in the first year according to statistical search stats! Russell Brand has been very well known to be a wild man and major party guy and Katy has dated some very party hard dudes herself over the years so we are leaning towards this could be very real. The only issue we see is that we doubt very seriously that Katy very religious or Russell would allow the content to be licensed and distributed. However, we will see how this all plays out and should be very interesting when we see those first few screen shots of the sex tape videos. We have seen the video and must say that it does in fact look like the couple. The tape has gone viral and people that have seen the video are saying that it does in fact look to be Katy.

Katy Perry confirms tour

Katy Perry on ending Calvin Harris fued.. Retrieved Nov 10 from https: Earlier this year, she teamed up with Harris for his hit song Feels , but the feelings weren’t always mutual between the two.

We weren’t really dancing in Taylor’s tour anyway, so I had got a little bored and I really wanted to do a promo tour.

Released in , the song topped the charts in over 20 countries worldwide. Both of her parents are pastors and she is their middle child. Upon graduating, she moved to Los Angeles. Katy’s first CD was released under her original name, Katy Hudson. The eponymously titled album was released in by Red Hill Records and was a Christian Gospel album. In , Katy Perry worked with the production team The Matrix.

In , her songs ‘Simple’ was featured in the soundtrack to the film the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants. Following a period of time struggling in the music industry, Perry signed to Capitol Music in

Orlando Bloom Dishes on Katy Perry and Those Naked Paddleboarding Pics

Comedian, TV personality and best-selling author Chelsea Handler interviewed Perry for the cover story, which will be available for newsstand purchase in the U. See the cover HERE. Her music is soulful and empowering in equal measure. She became the only female artist to have five No.

Katyperry knows how to throw a birthday party!

Ruth Kinane May 23, at She later claimed to have tried to talk to Swift, but to no avail. July Eight years ago, Swift paid Perry a compliment via Twitter. Let’s write a song together about the subject we know best… for my new record. It had to do with business. She basically tried to sabotage an entire arena tour. She tried to hire a bunch of people out from under me. So now I have to avoid her.

Katy Perry Is Single Yet Again

No, it’s not because she listens to Cold Play. As luck would have it, my childhood years spend in plebian-approved above ground pools has made me an expert wader of sorts thus enabling me to cut through the b. So, without further ado, I present to you an ironclad dissertation— extrapolated from the depths of the worldwide interwebs and condensed to the 10 most compelling reasons— as to why Katy Perry is, indeed, a lesbian. That which we call a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet?

She sat on his lap most of the night and shared kisses,” an eyewitness said to E News, adding, “They looked like they were having the time of their lives.

The American singing star will face a fine from the arena for the late-running show, which started 50 minutes after the scheduled stage time. It also caused problems for parents of smaller children forced to stay up far later than expected. Ahead of the show, fans were advised that Katy would be on stage at 8. She performed her full, flamboyant two-hour show – but that meant it ran way over the 11pm curfew. A spokesman for Manchester Arena said: Many fumed on Twitter about having to miss the end, including Lucy Cawdron who said: Lot of younger ones had to leave before their favourite songs came on, as it was so late!!

Katy Perry at Manchester Arena teetered close to bonkers overload – but pulled it off Sharmain Cottam tweeted: Stephen Farrell Commenting on the M. N Facebook page , Helen Young said:

Katy Perry

Orlando Bloom to propose to Katy Perry? Bang Showbiz Orlando Bloom is reportedly thinking about popping the question to his girlfriend Katy Perry as he’d like to take their relationship to the next level. The couple have been stronger than ever since they rekindled their relationship at the beginning of this year following their brief split in , and now it looks like the year-old actor is keen to take things to the next level as he’s been telling his friends that he would love to walk down the aisle with the ‘Roar’ hitmaker.

A source told People. Everyone would be excited if they got engaged.

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Jun 3, 6: From musicians to actors, she has had her paws all over Hollywood. She has recently described her type to Rolling Stone. Johnny Lewis — Mirror. Katy Perry and actor Johnny Lewis dating for about a year. Shortly after, the two went on their first date together and were engaged before the end of the year.

Katy Perry Dating Who Now Ng+ Matchmaking Dark Souls 2

Playing tracks from new album Hopeless Fountain Kingdom, she brought a massive dollop of attitude to proceedings. From the moment pyrotechnics exploded from the front of the stage during first song, Gasoline, it was clear that the year-old, New Jersey-born singer meant business. Wearing a leather sailor’s hat over mermaid blue hair, her baggy jeans slung low, Halsey – real name Ashley Frangipane – prowled the stage in front of a three-piece backing band, all dressed in white on a flower-festooned riser.

She was here to party. Her music was big pop, as gritty as it was engaging.

So now I have to avoid her.

When her single “Last Friday Night T. Perry became the first female artist to achieve this feat. On her 28th birthday, she had lunch with First Lady Michelle Obama. Is a staunch Democrat. Frequent collaborator with Bonnie McKee. Katy’s ancestry is three sixteenths Portuguese Katy’s mother is of three eighths Portuguese descent. She once had 13 cavities as a child.

Katy once described herself as “a fatter version of Amy Winehouse and a skinnier version of Lily Allen “. Later, Allen took offense to the statement and threatened to release Perry’s personal phone number.

John Mayer ‘Quite Happy’ Dating Katy Perry!

Swift says she will never, ever talk about Perry again In an interview with The Telegraph, Swift made it clear she was over Perry. It’s not going to happen. It’s unlike you to pit women against each other. Finding it ironic to parade the pit women against other women argument about as one unmeasurably capitalizes on the take down of a woman

Ever since then, Katy has truly gotten the attention from the media as one

There’s really no in between when it comes to Perry. Either you love her or you hate her. I just think she is extremely annoying at times. But it’s just something about Perry that makes her seem a bit self-serving at times. Like she does things that will benefit her even if she portrayed the exact opposite previously. She took a break for a while and I had hope that she would return as the Katy Perry I and millions of others fell in love with.

Her level of annoyance has just increased within the last year. But the interesting thing is that she came back with a vengeance. So let’s take a look at 15 times Katy Perry was super annoying at least more than usual. But instead of confirming that, she decided to take a couple of jabs at Spears during her interviews.

But then just months later, she debuted a very short pixie cut of her own. During an appearance on Ellen, she told host Ellen DeGeneres that her hair started falling out shortly after she took the platinum blonde route. So she had to cut it off. She marked one of the benefits that it brings more attention to your face.

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