She Loves Her Some Him! Fantasia Barrino Marries Kendall Taylor

The two made headlines last year after they got married, and Fantasia has revealed several surprising details in a recent Billboard interview, including the fact that they got married after only three weeks of dating. According to her, she knew Kendall, who she met at a nightclub, was the one for her when he prayed for her. Fantasia also shared that the two did not consummate until their wedding night. While Fantasia and Taylor, who have recently celebrated their 1-year anniversary are happy now, this has not always been the case. While Fantasia initially burst onto the scene as a year old single mother when she won American Idol, her career has suffered from poor professional and personal decisions. The situation exploded in , during the divorce trial of her then-boyfriend, Antwaun Cook. Part of her rebuilding process was a combination of positive self-affirmations and refocusing on her music, including her release, Bittersweet. One story she shares is driving through Charlotte with Taylor when they noticed a group of teenage boys fighting.


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Fantasia on Regis and Kelly September 9th, – 9: Kelly began hosting the show with Regis in after Kathy Lee Gifford left the show. In The contract for the show ends in , after which it will be decided if the show would continue or go off the air. With the ratings and the popularity of the show it is most likely to be renewed for another more many years to come. He said while sleeping with wife in bed they were awoke by the feel and sound of their bed being dropped.

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antwaun cook

The year-old American Idol winner recently had a child by boyfriend Antwaun Cook, and sources claim that he has been cheating for some time, according to Radar Online. She purposely had this baby with him hoping he’d be a devoted father and boyfriend,” the source added. Cook, a former T-Mobile salesman, is still legally married to wife and mother of his other children, Paula. According to reports, Cook has been cheating on Barrino for some time and secretly tries to rekindle his relationship with his estranged wife.

After beginning a relationship with Cook in , Paula accused Barrino of having an extramarital affair, allegedly while she and her husband were working on their marriage. In August , Barrino was hospitalized after reportedly trying to commit suicide that critics suspect was the result of being dumped by Cook in the midst of getting legal threats from Paula.

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Fantasia Barrino

When Ryan Seacrest announced the results in the particular night, Taylor was in the bottom two, but declared safe when LaToya London was eliminated. In June , she released her debut single, ” I Believe “, which later debuted at number one on the Billboard Hot This number-one debut made Fantasia the first artist in history to achieve this with a first single.

Taylor also won three Billboard Music Awards for the single. Fantasia released her debut studio album, Free Yourself , in November It debuted at number eight on the Billboard , selling , copies in its first week.

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Update Update I posted yesterday that Tasia was being sued by her boyfriends wife.. Yesterday Fantasia was checked into a hospital after being found in her closet after she tried to overdose on Aspirin and sleeping pills I bet it was the money that made her do it, not the man Everybody is quick to judge her But people split up all the time and dont wait for the ink to dry before dating If the wife wants to sue someone she should her husband If you ask me this is just a oppurtunity for her to cash in..

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Image Source Fantasia Barrino, the winner of the reality competition — American Idol, has been described by fans as a vocal powerhouse. The album eventually earned her three Grammy nominations that year. Who Is Fantasia Barrino? Fantasia Monique Barrino was born on the 30th of June

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