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Roesel 3, Years of Glass Glass, that remarkable substance born of sand, alkali and fire, has fascinated and served humankind for more than 3, years – ever since some long-forgotten Middle Eastern artisan stumbled upon a way to control its manufacture. From quite beautiful luxury items prized by the pharaohs, glass has evolved into highly sophisticated functional uses deeply imbedded in the fabric of our twentieth century civilization. One doesn’t have to look beyond the confines of his own household to realize the vast variety of ways that glass serves everyday needs. Glass used decoratively can take many forms. It can be made opaque or transparent, clear or colored, brittle or soft, durable or fragile. It can be molded or blown, cut, engraved, enameled or painted. In the hands of an artist, it becomes a medium that permits an almost limitless variety of techniques in the quest for a finished object of great beauty. Let’s limit our attention to “cut glass”, which must be carefully defined.

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The event was started in by transgender advocate Gwendolyn Ann Smith to honor Rita Hester, a transgender woman who was murdered on November 28th, Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly of the Federal District Court for the District of Columbia ruled that the proposed ban was discriminatory and violated the equal protection clause of the Constitution. The Sexually Transmitted Disease Surveillance Report released earlier this week, points to the same worrisome trends noted in recent years: The decline among teens specifically is striking:

We stayed there another day, locked up.

The ABA Foundation’s Safe Banking for Seniors is a bank community outreach program open to all banks ABA membership is not required that provides bankers with free presentation lessons, activities and other materials to educate older Americans in their community about how to bank more securely. Why should I participate? Your unique set of skills can help address and prevent a serious problem in our nation—one that threatens the economic stability of America—financial abuse against older Americans.

You can play a part in helping consumers develop the knowledge, tools, and capability they need in order to make better informed decisions about securing their finances. Additionally this a fun and engaging opportunity to connect to your community while demonstrating leadership on this important subject. How can my bank participate in SBFS? Free Banker Registration opens January 8, Once you’ve registered, use the free presentation planning tools, lesson plans, social media guide and press materials to publicize your bank’s efforts.

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Tuesday, August 5, Payer vs Payor The unfortunate soul who does the paying, what do we call him: Naturally, both spellings are being used, and fairly regularly, so if you’re editing and haven’t been asked this question before, it’s coming. I don’t sit on the editorial board at Merriam-Webster, so I can’t tell you.

What I can tell you is that word formation in English is tricky business. Agent nouns like payer payor are formed from verbs ie, to pay , but you’ll notice we don’t simply slap an -er or -or suffix on any verb to make a noun. Consider the verb correspond, for example:

The beauty of the Suffolk is best summed up in the words of the writer, Marguerite Henry, when she said:

Antecedents to Gun Violence: Gender and Culture Eric Mankowski, PhD Any account of gun violence in the United States must consider both why males are the perpetrators of the vast majority of gun violence and why the vast majority of males never perpetrate gun violence. An account that explains both phenomena focuses, in part, on how boys and men learn to demonstrate and achieve manhood through violence, as well as the differences in opportunities to demonstrate manhood among diverse groups of males.

Reducing the propensity for some males to engage in violence will involve both social and cultural change. Hence, this section reviews existing research on the relationships between sex, gender i. Finally, the relationships between masculinity, gender socialization, and gun violence are analyzed to identify gender-related risk factors for gun violence that can be targeted for prevention strategies and social policy.

Homicide by gun is the leading cause of death among Black youth, the second leading cause of death among all male youth, and the second or third leading cause of death among female youth depending on the specific age group e. In addition, roughly four times as many youths visit hospitals for gun-induced wounds as are killed each year CDC, a. Even more common than homicide, suicide is another leading cause of death in the United States, and most suicides are completed with a firearm.

Males complete the large majority of suicides; depending on the age group, roughly four to six times as many males as females kill themselves with firearms CDC, a.

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An Enterprise Zone is a designated geographic area where if you conduct and operate your business in, you can be eligible for Tax Credits. What’s the Enterprise Zone Hiring Credit? Businesses may claim tax credits equal to the sales tax paid on certain qualified machinery and equipment. What’s the Georgia Job Tax Credits?

It’s ok if your teen decides to keep it private.

On several IEPs, the special education director at my school has included that weekly counseling be provided to students. This prevents me from fully implementing a comprehensive program. What do I do? It can be difficult to curtail the process of writing school counselors into IEPs. School counselors can stand secure in the explanation that the self-contained teacher or the inclusive classroom can better handle interventions targeting social skills and anger management due to the constant need to reinforce or extinguish behavior in the authentic context of the classroom observing the actual behaviors.

My district recently purchased a software package that sends alerts to the school and district when students engage in potentially harmful behavior online. This is taking all my time. What are the liabilities? The strong argument in favor of this type of software is that it can save lives, which makes it difficult to argue against installing the software. This direct line of communication should also convey to parents the reason the software generated concern and possible referral resources.

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Youth Cyberbullying Most Common Among Current or Former Friends and Dating Partners August 20, Seattle, WA Youth cyberbullying is dramatically more likely to occur between current or former friends and dating partners than between students who were never friends or in a romantic relationship, suggests a new study that was presented at the th Annual Meeting of the American Sociological Association ASA.

In terms of dating partners, young people often have resentful and hurt feelings as a result of a breakup, and they may take out these feelings on a former partner via cyber aggression. They might also believe they can win back a previous boyfriend or girlfriend, or prevent that person from breaking up with them or dating someone else, by embarrassing or harassing him or her.

Felmlee and co-author Robert Faris, an associate professor of sociology at the University of California-Davis, found that approximately In most cases, the cyber aggression occurred over Facebook or text message. The researchers also found that certain types of students were much more likely than others to be victimized.

Shall not unreasonably restrain the student from independent action in the pursuit of learning.

Applications and reference forms which must be submitted on-line are available during that time period. Instructions and general information remain available year round. Before starting, read the ALA Scholarship FAQ and carefully review the requirements in each category for the scholarships to which you are applying. Then complete the online application.

It is only necessary to complete ONE online application regardless of the number of scholarships you apply for. You may apply for as many scholarships as you are eligible for by checking the appropriate boxes on the application form.


Abstinence simply means not having sex, and refraining from sexual intercourse. For most people, abstinence is the absence of sexual contact altogether. It is the healthiest way to avoid a teen pregnancy and more importantly, the best way to avoid contracting an STI. How does abstinence work? Abstinence prevents pregnancy because sexual intercourse does not take place. It involves refraining from any activity that leads to an exchange of body fluids.

Stunning new patterns quite unlike earlier European designs were developed and patented.

Basic Information on the NIA The National Insulator Association, A c3 charitable organization , is an international organization of collectors and friends interested in communication and electrical insulators, as well as other artifacts connected with insulators, such as telephone, telegraph, power transmission, railroads, and lightning protection devices. The NIA also has a strong focus on research and education on insulators, the companies that used them, and the companies that made them dating back to the mid ‘s.

In the first year of its operation, more than charter members joined its ranks. Since then, annual paid membership has averaged members. In all, the NIA has had more than total members. Objectives and Purpose The NIA, as stated in its By-Laws , is a non-profit educational and scientific organization; its aim is to encourage insulator collecting and to protect the interests of its members and collectors, and has established standards and ethics by which its members may fairly deal with each other.

Although the Board may poll the membership to determine the membership’s opinion before establishing rules or policy, a full membership vote is required for: Ballots are mailed directly to the membership with results announced at the General Meeting, held each year at the NIA’s Annual Convention. Other committee chair people are often appointed, but do not hold Board seats. For more details you can read the complete By-Laws.

Members are also entitled to insure their collection with an insurance plan designed especially for insulator collectors. Finally, every member becomes a part of the NIA’s growing family of insulator collectors and buffs!

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After losing colleagues to suicide, she dedicated herself to fighting this leading cause of death. Registration for the conference is now open, please plan to register by November 30, to take advantage of special early bird pricing. Breakout session selection is underway, announcements on the session schedule will be made in the near future! The Slate for the election can be viewed here. Members in good standing with ACCA can cast their ballot here.

Despite a presidential veto, H.

In Their Own Words Another in a series of personal accounts by POWs of their last moments of freedom and the personal challenges of capture and captivity. These are stories drawn from biographies POWs either penned themselves or shared orally with family and friends who transcribed them for posterity.

The voice and mood of these recollections understandably span a broad range of emotions. But each gives poignent testimony to the courage, resolve and indominable hope of the men and women who, in war, fell captive to enemy forces and were forced — in the face of deplorable deprivations — to fight for their country in totally new and unexpected ways.

Christmas in the Camp: He and his fellow inductees lived in hotels and took basic training on a golf course and on the beach.

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The American Baptist denomination allows for abortion, is against capital punishment, has those who accept homosexuality in their midst, and does not believe in the salvation that is in Christ Jesus. Abortion In regards to abortion, the American Baptists write, We acknowledge the diversity of deeply held convictions within our fellowship even as we seek to interpret the Scriptures under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Many American Baptists believe that, biblically, human life begins at conception, that abortion is immoral and a destruction of a human being created in God’s image Job

This prevents me from fully implementing a comprehensive program.

All members are dedicated to providing professional and ethical expertise on quilts and quilted textiles. Appraise antique, vintage, newly made traditional and contemporary and art quilts and quilted garments for owners, makers, exhibitors privately or at venues such as quilt shows. Abide by a Code of Ethical Practices. Are tested and certified by national or international organizations. Have knowledge of quilt history, fabrics, quilt dating, construction techniques, pattern recognition and regional influences.

Stay up to date on the current values and market trends of all types of quilts. Attend continuing educational opportunities that focus on recent developments in historical facts, the market place of comparable sales, new construction costs and recent changes in governmental regulations.

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